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Recruitment position: Sales Engineer

Work responsibilities:

1.Conscientiously implement the company's sales management regulations and implementation rules, be responsible for market development and product sales tasks in the areas under its jurisdiction, and complete sales targets;

2.Responsible for conducting business negotiations with customers and signing sales contracts, urging the contract to perform normally, and recovering sales proceeds on time;

3.Develop new markets and sales channels, develop new customers, and expand product sales;

4.Maintain existing customer relationships, visit customers regularly for technical exchanges, and provide technical support and after-sales services to customers;

5.Responsible for the collection of market information in the jurisdiction and analysis of competitors, and timely feedback to the company;

6.Regularly report the work of the department to the department leaders and maintain close collaboration with other departments of the company.


1.Bachelor degree or above, metal materials, metallurgy, chemical engineering or related majors;

2.More than two years of experience in equipment or materials sales or production in the metal or chemical industry;

3.Proficiency in word, excel, powerpoint, master AUTO CAD;

4.Work conscientiously, be proactive, have good professional ethics and excellent personal qualities;

5.Strong communication and business processing skills and good teamwork spirit;

6.Have good expressive ability and clear thinking;

7.Ability to adapt to poor work.

Salary and benefits:

1.Working hours: The company implements a five-day, seven-hour working system 2.and implements a holiday system in accordance with national regulations;

3.Social security and provident fund: enjoy standard social insurance, the company purchases social security and housing provident fund for employees, and bears the expenses of social security, housing stock company and personal part for employees;

4.Welfare: The company organizes domestic or foreign travel once a year, organizes celebrations for birthday employees, and organizes at least one group activity every month;

5.Subsidy: RMB300 per person per month for lunch allowance, and traditional festivals for employees to pay the savings;

6.Salary: Provides a competitive salary standard in the industry. The salary 7.component is: basic salary + commission + target assessment bonus + travel subsidy.In March each year, the salary is adjusted according to the performance of the employee in the previous year.