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According to the years of research and industry accumulation, BND successfully developed high quality ABM-series boron nitride coating.
The raw material, equipment and production technology for ABM are introduced from Europe and America, and we made the corresponding improvement based on large number of demonstrating experiment, which is more close to the users in their production process and using habits, using experience is greatly improved.
ABM has won the recognition and favor of customers for the advantages such as strong adhesion, good suspension, rapid demoulding, improving production efficiency and so on.

  • Aluminum extrusion release agent

    Aluminum extrusion release agent


    BAE-S30 is a water-based high-temperature release spray. All components of the product are completely water-soluble, and have very good lubricating effect and high-temperature stability. Used in the aluminum extrusion process, it can effectively prevent aluminum alloys at high temperatures. Adhesion with extrusion tools improves production efficiency without any pollution to aluminum products and the environment.


    Product superiority:
    1,The product uses water-based environmentally friendly materials without solvents.

    2,No smoke or fire during use.

    3,Good separation effect without damaging the substrate.

    4,Concentrated liquid, high ratio of water to water (1: 5 ~ 1: 6), saving cost.

    5,It is safe to use and the workshop is clean.